How we started

Digitactseed was founded with the goal of providing our clients with highly tailored digital marketing services. With the growing demand for digitalization and the changing corporate landscape. Digital marketing was and continues to be a need. However, as we delve deeper into this, we realize that our understanding of the subject is restricted. Rarely do you come across strategies designed to help you climb the ranks and achieve your goals. This is a well-known issue that many aspiring entrepreneurs confront. In addition, DigiTactSeed, a brand of AppsTech Solution, promises to give women with an equitable platform. When a young woman leader came up with the idea for such an endeavor, the process of bringing it to life began.

Our Purpose

Many people agree that having a purpose in everything we do adds significance to the action. With this in mind, it was critical that we carry a sense of purpose in our efforts. From the outset, the goal of DigiTactSeed has been to deliver inexpensive digital marketing solutions to a wide range of businesses looking to expand and reach millions of people. A start-up or a well-established corporation must be present in the digital world. As a result, we believe in providing tailored solutions that are affordable to such a broad group of people. Along with the long-term goal of creating a platform for women to achieve success.

Our Team