Influencer Marketing

How Influencer Marketing Helps Brands in Branding, Awareness, and Sales ROI

The real motivation for big brands to pursue influencer promotional activity is access to a niche audience that is highly inclined toward the brand’s niche and the authority of the creator. The only thing that brands need to do is establish a productive working relationship with an influencer in order to develop a content marketing plan that identifies their audience at the appropriate point in the consumer journey.

The main responsibility of an influencer marketing agency like us is to make sure that the relationship between both the brand and the content creator runs smoothly. They also contribute to the campaign marketing strategy so that noted brands can take all of the advantages of influencer endorsements. Did you aware that 80% of customers follow the advice of an influencer when buying a product? Let’s now talk about the advantages of employing influencers in advertising in 2022. An Ahmedabad-based influencer marketing agency can help you with online promotion for your brand or business.

Advantages for Brands

It has many advantages for brands, products, or services, from short-term ones like mobile application installs and website traffic to much longer-term ones like brand recognition and legitimacy. Below are a select few that brands simply cannot resist! 

How It Helps in Mass Reach & Brand Awareness

Top Brands have the chance to connect with a fully engaged viewer with this strategy, efficiently expanding their market reach! Today, 93% of marketers are making use of influencer marketing’s benefits. Out of this number, 86% of advertising agencies stated that increasing brand recognition was the main goal of their influencer partnership. This demonstrates how successful this tactic aids brands in achieving their long-term objectives and making a name for themselves within the marketplace.

Cost Effective As Compared To Others

The fact that brands do not need to invest a lot of money in identifying and checking their target market is one of the biggest advantages of influencer outreach for them. This happens case because an endorser is already cognizant of the thoughts, perceptions, and interactions a particular type of content elicits from their viewer. As a result, brand names don’t have to invest their time in doing this, which greatly reduces the cost of marketing. Furthermore, according to 60% of marketing firms, endorser content performs better for them than marketed posts. This indicates that it helps to generate an attractive & substantial ROI for brands!

Influencers Drive Purchase Decisions of Consumers

Customers go through a constant decision-making process when making purchases, using recommendations, advice, and reviews to help them move from considering to buying. Nowadays, they put this confidence in influencer promotion because 60% of YouTube users and 70% of Instagram and Facebook users base their final buying decision on the advice of their own preferred content producers. Influencers gain the viewer’s trust by providing frank customer reviews and assisting in the decision-making process. Consequently, this is one of the main advantages of using influencer endorsement in the year 2022.

High ROI in Micro / Macro Brand Endorsement

Influencers’ brand awareness nowadays accomplishes their long-term objectives, like forging individuality, winning over belief, and trying to establish integrity, in addition to assisting them in achieving sales and conversion. Influencer branding has evolved into a significantly multifaceted idea where marketing companies use it in a marketing mix to take full advantage of the benefits it has to offer. Originally, it was a fairly straightforward collaborative effort where an originator talked about a product in order to just get sales. It is safe to declare that when it comes to the benefits of using endorsement, the best is yet to come as the industrial value has exponentially increased to a staggering 16.4 billion USD!

Best for Brands & Influencers

Approximately 5 out of 10 marketing professionals intend to work with influencer promotion for a period of six months to a year. This statistic demonstrates a trend where brands develop ongoing relationships with creators and influencers rather than working with them only occasionally. Because the viewer can immediately relate to the originator of the brand, this not only stabilizes the brand’s perceived value but also offers influencers a very lucrative deal by making them brand ambassadors! This results in a win-win situation for both parties. It goes without saying that one benefit of micro-endorsement is that creators will love it!


In retrospect, brands must keep in mind that only when done properly can they use the advantages of digital endorsement to further their objectives. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand when, where, and how to target the audience throughout their consumer journey. A reputable company like DigiTactSeed- a digital marketing agency can support brands with their strategic plan in this situation.