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Meta Verified V/S Twitter Blue Checkmark – Features Comparison [Infographic]

Here’s what we have known so far the difference between verified tickmarks in Twitter and Meta.

Meta has recently jumped on the premium subscription mode. Following Twitter and Snapchat in charging a monthly fee for an additional tier of premium features and increased post engagement/reach.

Is that advantageous? Should individuals/businesses be able to pay for more reach that isn’t labeled as an advertorial? Does it depreciate the blue tickmark?

Are you ready to pay?

This is a brief summary of the key attributes of Meta and Twitter Blue Verified, as they have been so far publicised. This gives you additional context for each.

Meta Verified V/S Twitter Blue Checkmark – Features Comparison

$8 per month/$11 in appPrice$11.99 per month/$14.99 in app
YesDistinction between legacy
and paid verification
NoID VerificationYes
Priority Listing in replies and searchReach BenefitIncreased visibility and reach
Tweet editing, custom app
icons, NFT profile pictures, custom
navigation, improved reading
experience, longer tweets,
longer video uploads, SMS, 2FA
ExtrasDedicated account support,
proactive monitoring for impersonation,
exclusive stickers,
100 free Stars per month


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