Video Marketing Guide for Small & Medium Scale Local Businesses

Marketing for medium and small-sized companies (SMBs) can be a distinct beast.

While larger enterprises can spend more and try new marketing strategies, small and medium entrepreneurs tend to tackle the issue more cautiously. Smaller firms are forced to invest in new ventures and techniques with a solid, tested track of success. However, one marketing method has emerged as a top choice among the most modern SMB marketers:

Marketing videos could include topics like branding history, objectives, the services provided as well as reviews. The videos can be made taking into consideration the target audience as well as statistics on the success of the products.

Some Interesting Facts About Video Marketing

  • The majority of businesses utilize videos as a tool for marketing, while 59% of marketers who are not video-based anticipate using the power of video in 2020. Furthermore, 92 percent of marketers who utilize video say it is essential to their plan.
  • 66% of respondents indicated that they would prefer to watch a video clip to understand an item or service better. 18% prefer reading an article written in text, a website, or a blog. HubSpot discovered that 54% of users prefer videos from brands they trust over other forms of content.
  • The most popular types of videos are Explainer videos, which are 72% of the time, followed by presentations with 49%. Testimonial videos with 48 percent, Sales videos with 42%, and videos for advertising at 42 percent.

Why Do SMBs Need Video Marketing?

You’ll have an advantage in video advertising when working for a smaller company. Compared to large corporations, the way you conduct business, customer relationships, and products are more personal and intimate. With these ideas for the video, you can present this to your customers from leads to your loyal customers, and you’ll be on the way to enhancing customer relationships and growing sales.

Videos Marketing Guide for SMBs in 2022

One of the best guidelines for creating content is to think out of the box! There is no limit to what you can do when you think of videos. Videos of different types will serve other purposes, and they will depend on your company’s specifications. But, it’s your creativity that makes your content stand out.

Let’s examine the various types of video content you can make for small businesses:

  1. Introduction Videos

If you’re brand new to the market, an introduction video to your brand can help you gain traction. These videos are a great way to present your team and your brand, highlight the goals of your business and values, and showcase the company’s core values and other things.

Customers and potential customers of your business would like to be aware of who you’re and the values you are about. In addition, they would like to connect with you on an individual level. Be yourself, and they’ll be more at ease working with you.

2. Explainer Videos

If you’re selling a particular item, you can create videos that show the process of making it. Of course, this should be restricted to certain types of companies.

When people search for information online and need help, they often ask for assistance. Explainer videos are among the most popular kinds of online videos. The principal purpose of these kinds of videos is to aid viewers. 

3. New Announcements of Products

Although your product is clear, you need to modify it now and then to keep your customers engaged. If customers are dissatisfied with your product and services, they’ll turn to rivals.

Promoting new features or items by video keeps viewers engaged in your company. People will be intrigued by the latest innovations of your brand by using a combination of stunning images, thrilling audio, and much more.

4. Donate to a Cause Videos

Customers are primarily concerned with how they can benefit from your service or product. It will help them, but they’re equally concerned about your company’s influence on other people.

There’s no better way to promote your cause than video if your business is involved in an event. Employees’ voices, which describe their love about the issue, and photographs of their work help to create an authentic feel to your company’s image. Customers are more likely to be loyal to your company by feeling an emotional connection to your work.

5. Showcase Your Expertise with Videos

Whether new or returning customers, the people are looking for the company’s expertise. They would like to buy products and services from reliable businesses. So they search for signs of credibility before making purchases.

Develop trust with them by creating videos that demonstrate your expertise in the field. Smaller companies concentrate on specific aspects of their lot more profoundly than large companies. Dissect the complex topics of your area with images to show your enthusiasm and knowledge of your field.

6. Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials are an excellent marketing technique that’s available to small-sized businesses. It is easy to integrate testimonial videos into your marketing strategy and is ideal for building trust with your customers.

Every business, even one that is small, can show its professionalism. 

7. FAQ Videos

Give your customers value-packed professional training. If your product or service is better explained through video instruction, you can create a step-by-step video to guide the audience.

No matter how big your business is, customers are bound to ask lots of questions. What better way to create videos that address the potential issues instead of directing them to your FAQ section?

8. Event Videos

In the end, it’s crucial to make use of video for your business, including press conferences, events, and other important events. If you’re hosting a business dinner or panel at an event or gathering, taking a video is essential. Then, you can showcase your expertise to all the world.

Instead of publishing written articles on your blog, you could build a library of video blog posts with similar topics.


Video clips are an excellent marketing tool that any business can profit from! Including videos in your marketing strategy will assist your business in getting started quickly due to its vast potential to grow. In the end, it already has an impressive history! Many companies have their success solely due to videos.

Although we can’t promise that your business won’t become famous due to the implementation of these strategies for marketing via video, We must emphasize that it’s feasible! If you’re not among those lucky ones who have become famous overnight because of the power of videos, then we’ll assure you that you’ll be seeing outcomes in no time. In the end, marketing is a sport that requires perseverance and perseverance. 

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